Blackrogue Yerel Saati:
6/2/2020 7:42:34 AM
Free PvP System
Free PvP is a system in which player characters may have a fair duel regardless of the space (except towns) and without PK penalties.
No PK penalty whatsoever is given in the Free PvP system.
PvP and PK Penalty
In Free PvP: No penalty is given.
PvP in Job outfits: Loss in Character EXP and Job EXP.
Forced Attack (PK): The perpetrator receives the 'Chaos' status and suffers penalty throughout the game.
How to Use Free PvP
To enter into the Free PvP mode, click the Free PvP Status window in the Character Action (A) window.
1) Press A and right-click the Free PvP Action key.
1) Select a team on the Free PvP UI. The selected team is displayed overhead. (Using a cape renders the helmet invisible.)
Team Types and Their Relationship
There are five teams in total. Each team has its advantages/disadvantages against other teams. When entering into the Free PvP mode in a
group of two or more players, the same side can choose the same team to divide the group.
- Teams Blue Dragon, White Tiger, Jujak, and Hyunmu Friendly with own team, hostile against other teams
- Team Prodigy Hostile against all teams including Team Prodigy
Free PvP Rules
Free PvP cannot be used in safe zones such as towns.
Free PvP is available from character level 1.
There is no loss in EXP and no other penalties are given even when a character dies during Free PvP.
Things to Note during Free PvP
The Free PvP icon displayed over the head of a character denotes his/her willingness to engage in Free PvP. This character can be attacked
by other characters displaying the icon at any point in time. Force-attacking friendly players (PK) who are displaying an icon of the same
color by pressing the Alt key is considered general PK and renders the attacker 'Chaotic'.