Blackrogue Yerel Saati:
6/2/2020 8:10:22 AM
Forgetten World
Entering the Forgotten World
The 'Forgotten World' is a hunt update in which players can acquire Dimension Holes from Dimension Pillars generated throughout the map. Through the Holes, players can enter into another dimension called the 'Forgotten World', destroying monsters and receving various items and EXP.New dungeons are added for the upper and lower levels. Players can also acquire collection items called 'talismans' by defeating unique monsters or finding hidden treasure chests. Once players collect all talismans for a certain collection book, they can exchange them for powerful items.
- Creating Dimension Pillars: Hunting regular monsters generates Dimension Pillars at random.
- Destroying Dimension Pillars: Destroying Dimension Pillars generates monsters.
- Acquiring Dimension Holes: The 'Dimension Hole' item is dropped when summoned monsters are defeated.
Conquering the Forgotten World
- Generating the Gate: Using a 'Dimension Hole' in a town opens the gate to the Forgotten World.
- Entering the Gate: Click the gate to teleport to the Forgotten World.
- Dungeon Activities: Defeat the monsters in the Forgotten World instance dungeon and find the hidden treasure chest.
- Rewards: You can receive EXP rewards as well as talismans with which to complete collections.
Collection Books
- You can earn 11th degree set weapons as rewards when you complete 'Collection Books' with the talismans obtained during your
journey in the Forgotten World.
- You can view the Forgotten World Collection Book quest in 'Game Data > Quests > Special Quests > Forgotten World'.
- You can view the rewards in 'Game Data > Items > European/Chinese Items'.