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Trade' refers to an activity by which different regions exchange with, or sell to, one another goods which they lack so as to gain profit. In Silkroad Online, while the trading system adheres to the rules of general trading as much as possible, the structure is simplified to highlight the fundamental fun of trading activities. Trading is largely divided into three categories - Job activities, consignment, and target trading.
Trade categories
Job Activities
Activities undertaken to raise the Job level, these quests grant the player Job EXP upon completion. You can receive them by speaking with certain NPCs. They are mainly associated with trading or smuggling activities. A 'Safe Mode' is available to protect the player from the bullying of higher-level players. In this mode, you are protected from attacks by other characters whose level is higher than yours by 5 or greater. However, you cannot undertake consignment and target trading in Safe Mode.
You can indirectly trade by consigning goods to an NPC. Once you invest specialty goods and the trade is successful, you gain profit that is proportionate to the amount of the investment you made. While you can obtain specialty goods to invest regardless of whether you are wearing the Job outfit or not, you have a greater chance of obtaining specialty goods while assuming a Job. While wearing a Job outfit, you can also seize the specialty goods owned by the hostile Job.
Target Trading
This is a direct trade by which the character directly loads and sells specialty goods, gaining great profit upon a successful trade. Target Trading is available from Job Rank 1. To begin, the player speaks to the right NPC in each town to register for target trading. The trade route extends from the town, in which the registration took place, to Hotan. Should the character be attacked and die during the trade, all specialty goods being transported are dropped.

* Trade can be only by NPC.
A Hunter can speak with trader, while a Thief can do with smuggling merchants. The trading NPC can be found in Constantinople, Jangan,
Donwhang, Samarkand and Hotan.

Trade Goods
Trade Goods & Smugled Goods
These goods are necessary for Job activities. They can only be stored in the inventory of the transport vehicle summoned with a Job skill.
Specialty Goods

Goods required for consignment and target trading. As a regular mode, these goods can be obtained by hunting. While in a Job Mode,
these can be obtained by hunting monsters or attacking the caravans of the opposing Job. Once obtained, these goods are stored in the
Specialty Goods Sack, to be traded via transport vehicles exclusive to consignment and target trading.
* When you are in a party with auto item sharing, the specialty goods are divided in order to the party members. (Not divided to party
members who have not learned the Trader Sack).
* When you learn the Trader Sack, the Ability Pet can obtain the specialty goods.
Trade Benefits
Blue(Black) Stones
This is a material given to Hunters (Thieves) upon successful trade. The number of items that will be given is equal to the number of
successfully delivered trade goods.
They are used in creating Shining Stones.

These are items given to Hunters (Thieves) upon a successful trade. The number of tickets given is equal to a preset percentage of the number of
successfully delivered trade goods.