Blackrogue Yerel Saati:
6/2/2020 7:39:35 AM
Silkroad Online is designed to re-enact the Silk Road trades of 7th Century through the use of being a MMORPG.
1. Fantasy World
Encounter of the East fantasy and the West fantasy
Silkroad Online with Western European, Eastern Chinese, and New Islam Fantasy is all based upon the ancient cultures and legends of China, Islam, and Europe.
2. Quest System
Episode-centered quest system
The episode-pattern scenario is written in the background of mythologies and legends of a lot of countries including Xiyouji, Arabian Night's Entertainment and Greek mythology. The player often flies about with the magic carpet, see the Mediterranean evening sun or fight desperately with ghosts in crossing over Huang He River. On the basis of such a variety of scenarios, you can take pleasure in the inimitable quest each time with the feeling of seeing one-act play.
3. Multi-Community
Organization of various communities
Beyond the general guild pattern community where familiar people come together, organizing the community with various objects is available. The organizations include the town community centering around the oasis, merchant group for the compensation trading, burglar guild that the burglar players are gathered and hunter guild to protect the justice. The confrontations among various communities elicit the exciting showdown composition.
4. Skill System
Unique and fresh skill system
Like the Chinese characters who use the flying walk to float on the water surface and move leaving an afterimage, the European characters to use the power of Greek gods like Zeus or Apollo and the Islam characters to freely control the power of lamp elves, the fresh and unique skill which cannot have been seen in the existing games get unfolded
5. Real Action Battle System
Realistic and vigorous action battle
No hesitation for a long played out battle thanks to the speedy game play similar to that of action games using swift chain attack skills of the Chinese, chopping and swerving, the speed of the character increases with incredible effect. Enjoy the exciting battle through the thrill of non-stop action.
6. The World gives a Movie Feeling
Movies-like presentation
The presentation of a splendid world can be directly seen in this game, like the monsters that come out from the distance, the burglars who come running kicking up dust, a blinding forest with smoke, a dangerous dungeon full of the unseen materials and the natural environment like a total lunar eclipse.
7. Breathtaking Dynamic Animation
More realistic character animation
The delicate dramatics are presented through natural movements forced or swung in the direction of the wind and still taking in all the action of the player with Dynamic Animation. As the character with motion blended techniques focuses they can express simultaneous actions shaking up the battlefield while moving; the action is so realistic it can almost be seen as imitating humans.
8. Advanced interface system
More comfortable game environment
The Silkroad expands from China to Europe as a background. There is no load time to delay in between battles, despite the extensive maps connecting the Silkroad or exploring in the dungeon. In addition, Silkroad Online provides users with the optimum interface in full control of the player using a mouse and keyboard, and various slots for skills in game.