Blackrogue Yerel Saati:
6/2/2020 7:17:15 AM
(01) Character Status Display
Character's current status in real time is displayed.
Character's name, level, HP, MP, berserker gage is displayed.
Status points can be allocated using the + button that appears after leveling up, and the character details can also be checked by clicking
the + button. Pet status gage is displayed along with the pet icon when using the pet.
(02) Target Window
Information of the target clicked is displayed.
As for the monsters, information on health, grade and abnormal status icon got by other monster is provided, and as for charcters,
Race(European/Chinese) icon,
information on charcter name, job, job level(merchant, hunter, thief) , and status icon is provided.
(03) Minimap
Minimap on towns and fields is supported.
Clicking on the globe-looking button on the top will bring a full-
sized map.Party members can be located by the green point in the
minimap. If party members are in a distance, a small arrow shows
the members 'whereabouts.You can adjust the field of
minimap by using the zoom in/out button. Quest NPC
location is appeared during the quest.
(04) Summon Display
Show detail information of Pet, Ability pet , Transfer pet
Click on Summon pet icon
- Select target : click left mouse button
- Open statues window : click right mouse button
(05) Quick Party Window
Information on party members are displayed. Name, HP, MP of the
members are displayed, thus the information on the characters’
status is always available. Mastery of member is displayed.
Mastery of member is shown only 2 of highest masteries.
Player can be selected by clicking the quick party window.